Two agents arrested in health dept recruitment exam paper leak case | Pune News

Pune: City police arrested two Amravati officers in the Vidarbha region on Monday on charges of leaking the health department’s Group C recruitment test, as well as registering a new case related to it.
Deputy Police Commissioner (Cyber) Bhagyashri Navatake and his team, including Deputy Police Commissioner Vijaykumar Palsule, arrested Nishid Ramhari Gaikwad (43) and Rahul Dhanraj Lingot (35), both residents of Amravati.
City Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta said: “Gaikwad and Lingot distributed the exam to applicants on Internet-based messaging applications. It was done for money. ”
Gupta said: “We have arrested 18 people, including the state’s joint health director, Mahesh Botle, the administrative director of the Latur district health department, Prashant Badgire, the doctor Sandeep Jogdand and others during the investigations of the leak case. of the Group D examination, which the police had recorded on November 26, 2021. During the interrogation of these individuals, the police learned that the examination sheet for the hiring of Group C employees was also leaked. ”
The state government conducted recruitment exams for Group C on October 24. However, exams for Group D positions, which were scheduled for October 31 this year, were canceled after the paper leak came to light, police said.
More than 4 lakh applicants were supposed to sit for Group D exams and around 4.3 lakh applicants were supposed to take Group C exams.
“After this, a report was shared with state health officials. The administrative director of health, Smita Korgaonkar, filed a complaint on Monday with the cyber police station, “said Gupta.
Joint Police Commissioner Ravindra Shisve said: “In the new FIR, we have appointed Botle, Badgire, Jogdand, Gaikwad and Lingot. The other detainees in the Group D examination will be transferred to the new case. We realized that other people are also involved in the case and the investigation is ongoing. ”
Gupta said: “The Group D examination was conducted by the Nyasa company and we suspect that company officials also participated in the leak of the questionnaire the night before the examination.”
Shisve said: “While investigating the Group D health department recruitment examination leak case, the police realized that the suspects had also leaked the MHADA recruitment examination documents and had also tampered with the examination results. Teacher Eligibility “.



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