University of Alabama Alpha Phi Sorority Is in Chaos Over Leaked Racist Texts

A sorority at the University of Alabama has fired its chapter president from office and expelled another member after racist text messages were leaked on social media.

The vile text messages were sent when members of the Alpha Phi sorority ventured out to a bar in Tuscaloosa last week, with some starting to complain about the place, according to the University of Alabama. The crimson white Newspaper.

“I’m going to talk, it smells so bad in here,” then-President Katherine Anthony wrote in the text thread.

Kylie Klueger, another member of the sorority at the bar, allegedly blamed the smell on “cigars, weed, and black girl.”

After private messages were leaked on Instagram, The crimson white reported that Anthony was ousted as president and Klueger was expelled from the brotherhood on December 9.

That same day, the Alpha Phi chapter of the University of Alabama posted on the subject on its Instagram page, which has more than 24,000 followers.

“Alpha Phi’s Beta Mu Chapter learned of a group text message in which a member used hateful and racist language,” the post read. “We immediately launched the judicial board process for our chapter. The person who sent the text message is no longer a member of our organization, and the other people in the group messages will be held liable based on the conclusion of our judicial board process. “

The post added that the chapter does not condone racism and the members “deeply apologize for the racist behavior displayed by the former member and the damage and trauma this text message has caused to members of the Alabama community and to the public in general.

“As Alpha Phis, our goal is to celebrate diversity and do our part to make Alabama more inclusive,” he says. “Unfortunately, the recent actions of those affiliated with our organization do not adhere to the standards that we hold for our members.”

Since Anthony lost her rank as president, Marissa Collett has been named the new chapter leader.

In a letter from the new president posted on the chapter’s website, Collett wrote that Alpha Phi is “a brotherhood that values ​​the past but looks forward to the progress the future offers.”

The chapter states that the sorority values ​​”lifelong friendships based on kindness, love, and mutual respect.” It also notes that members maintain “the qualities of strong character that distinguish our members and our brotherhood, including compassion, integrity, and sincerity.”

In a statement to The Daily Beast, University of Alabama associate vice president for communications Monica Watts said members of the Alpha Phi chapter alerted school officials to the incident and that the chapter and the national organization would take action to address the problem.

“Communication is offensive, disappointing, and contrary to the University’s core values ​​that emphasize collegiality, respect, and inclusion,” Watts said. “We hope that our students and organizations will reinforce and enhance those values ​​and appreciate when they hold each other appropriately. The University takes these behaviors seriously and is committed to building a more inclusive community, which will take on the constant and constant work of all of us. The University is planning a campus-wide initiative early next semester to help our campus continue to develop the strategies necessary to collectively build a better community. “

Earlier in the school year, Alabama’s Greek community faced a backlash for its lack of diversity in the rush process. A video from TikTok even showed freshmen showing off their wealth and status to receive an invitation to join the organizations. According to Slate, some people within the community have called the urgent process racist and discriminatory against anyone other than a white student.

In 2015, Alpha Phi was criticized for a YouTube recruiting video that was deemed “racially and aesthetically homogeneous.” In 2018, a sister from the Alpha Phi sorority was expelled from the organization and from the school for using racial slurs in an Instagram video. The crimson white reports.

“We have worked so hard to build on that [racist] reputation, and our own executive [executive board members] they are the ones who are restoring that reputation, “angered a sister of the sorority in a recent message to other Alpha Phi members.


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