Urban Meyer takes aim at internal leaks after Jaguars fall to Titans: ‘That’s nonsense, that’s garbage’

If there was tension within the Jaguars organization going into Week 14, it didn’t subside Sunday. It’s probably worse.

The Jaguars were eliminated in Tennessee, 20-0, their third 20-point loss in four weeks and the fifth consecutive loss overall. Much of the subsequent conversation, however, focused on what happens within the organization outside of game days. NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero reported Saturday morning that Urban Meyer’s short season in Jacksonville has been marked by clashes with players and other coaches.

When his team fell to 2-11, the worst in the AFC of the season, the NFL freshman coach said he assured Jaguars owner Shad Khan that he will turn things around. But he acknowledged that reports of a broken locker room are not helping the cause.

“What’s the answer? Start leaking information or some nonsense? No. No, that’s nonsense, that’s garbage,” Meyer told reporters. “If there is a source, that source is unemployed. I mean, in a matter of seconds. If there is any source that is doing that.”

The information in question includes a heated discussion between Meyer and veteran receiver Marvin Jones, Meyer labeled his assistant coaches losers and Meyer benched leading running back James Robinson last week while publicly attributing the absence to injury. Meyer denied having a feud with Jones, calling the loser’s comment “inaccurate.”

“We will address it on Monday,” he said of reports detailing internal discord. “The reality is that losing sucks, losing tears you, especially people with pride and people [who] They worked their asses off and we stayed together and moved on. “

Jacksonville has already been officially eliminated from playoff contention, leaving Meyer just four more weeks to power his struggling team. After experiencing two decades of dominance as a college football coach, he admitted that people who possibly leaked damaging information from his short time in the NFL would be new to him.

“Am I worried about losing my locker room? I’m always worried about losing my locker room when you’re two and whatever,” he said. “But then I see what I saw, and I see the guys play as hard as they can. I challenge our coaches, I challenge our players and I challenge myself.”

While Meyer praised the performance of his defense against Tennessee, he regretted the execution of his offense. The Jags have scored fewer than 20 points in seven straight games. Meyer, long recognized for his offensive brilliance at the college level, was asked if he had been ruled out earlier.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I do not want to talk about it.”

The neophyte NFL coach will have to keep responding to Khan, whom Pelissero informed before Sunday’s game that he had not indicated he was seriously considering a coaching change. Meyer stated that he is on good terms with his boss.

“I talk to Shad all the time,” Meyer said. “He’s been fantastic since the day I was here and we’re going to do the best we can to win games. That’s our job. I spoke to him last night. I spoke to him today. Our focus is to finish the season strong, make any adjustments we have to. what to do to make this cook. “

Time, one way or another, is running out.

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