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The VSiN Market Outlook The podcast features Josh Appelbaum, author of “The guide to everything for sports betting, ”And analyst at VSiN, The Sports Betting Network.

Josh is a data-driven opposing sports bettor and shares this approach to betting on the Market outlook podcast, published Monday through Friday at noon ET.

“For sports betting to be a successful and sustainable endeavor, you need to choose a strategy and stick with it,” says Josh. “If you only pursue what’s hot, bet against what’s cold, and don’t have a solid and coherent philosophy or overall plan, you could also be flipping a coin.”

Being a counter gambler means betting against the “average Joes” who choose games based on their instincts, biases and rarely win.

Josh believes that counter bets, also known as crowd bets, are a solid betting strategy for a simple reason: Most of the time, the crowd loses.

One key to opposing bets is knowing which side the crowd is on: VSiN has exclusive betting data from DraftKings Sportsbook showing the percentages of money and tickets wagered on sides, spreads and totals.

Josh also presents Betting on America with former NFL wide receiver Mike Pritchard on VSiN from 3-4 pm ET on weekdays.

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