Want large waste collection in Whitby? You must download Whitby Waste Buddy

Download the Whitby Waste Buddy app for big garbage collections in the new year.

Starting January 1, you will need to download the Whitby Waste Buddy app on your smartphone, tablet or computer to have a special large waste collection in the City of Whitby. The Whitby Waste Buddy app can be downloaded from Apple or Google.

These items are not your typical items collected in a trash or recycling day; We are talking about large household items that you dispose of annually.

A typical list on the city site includes things like: box springs, mattresses, box springs, sofas, sports equipment, appliances, barbecues, and more. What is not collected includes the following: construction and renovation waste (wood, drywall, brick, concrete), garden waste (dirt, grass, stones, rocks, concrete slabs and steps, fences, wood and brush, tree stumps, grass clippings), auto parts, tires, hazardous waste material such as antifreeze, car and household batteries, fluorescent tubes, insecticides and pesticides, motor oil and filters, paint and paint thinners, chemicals for swimming pools, propane tanks, syringes and needles, and pressurized containers such as propane tanks.

There is a $ 25 fee for the removal of up to 12 items in a single collection. You must contact the City of Whitby Special Collections Center at 905-668-3437 a minimum of two business days prior to the scheduled collection day or if you wish to cancel or reschedule your special collection.


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