Warner Bros. Removes MultiVersus Leaks Claiming Ben 10, Gandalf, And Rick Are In The Roster

Warner Bros. Interactive has removed the MultiVersus leaks claiming that Rick Sanchez, Gandalf, and Ben 10 will be part of the game’s roster.

MultiVersus is no stranger to the leaks, having been revealed weeks before Warner Bros. had a chance to announce it themselves and most of their upcoming listing was leaked through design document images around the same time. Those design documents were quickly removed by Warner Bros. Interactive, implying that they were real and hinting at the game roster.

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Now, Warner Bros. has begun to remove leaks that were shared more than a month ago that claim that Rick, Gandalf and Ben 10 will be part of the game’s roster. Redditor Mr_Mister2004 shared an image on the MultiVersus subreddit that showed a user from the Ben 10 community sharing a MultiVersus leak that featured Ben 10 as one of the playable characters, complete with his own portrait.


Despite the post and leak being over a month old, Warner Bros. Interactive issued it with a copyright warning and removed it from Reddit. Members of the MultiVersus community saved the image and revealed that it featured a Ben 10 character alongside Rick and Gandalf on the list.

We’ve seen Rick and Gandalf in some of the game’s early leaks before, but Ben 10 is unique to this particular image. The leaked image also shows obscured character spaces with names above them implying that Scorpion, Mad Max, Sub-Zero, Johnny Test, and Fred Flinstone are being added to the game.

While it certainly seems a bit suspicious that Warner Bros. Interactive is removing images, it doesn’t necessarily confirm that they are true. We know that half of the list featured in the image is real as they are now part of the revealed list so Warner Bros. could simply remove it based on the post showing pre-reveal images. However, considering we’ve seen Rick and Gandalf through other leaks, it’s not hard to be convinced by these that feature Ben 10 as well.

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