Watching Spiderman No Way Home for FREE? Check your bank account, PC status

A “Spiderman malware” is at large on torrent sites, installing crypto miners and stealing bank details.

Spider-Man No Way Home has hit theaters and is breaking records for a Marvel superhero movie. Most of you may have seen it, while some have not yet grasped it. But couldn’t you resist the lure of a free download of Spiderman No Way Home and got the file on your PC? You may have given your banking details and turned your PC into a crypto miners’ paradise.

According to recent research by The ReasonLabs, “Spiderman malware” is being widely distributed around the world. For those who get the free download, you can assume that they are only downloading a torrent file of the Spider-Man No Way Home movie. However, the archive also downloads additional files that make your PC available to crypto miners.

Spiderman malware snatches your PC’s resources

“The Spiderman malware is actually a new ‘edition’ of a previously known malware that disguised itself as various popular apps in the past such as ‘Windows Updater’, ‘Discord app’ and now the Spiderman movie,” the report says. .

Spiderman malware does not compromise personal data, but it affects your system in other ways. “The damage that a miner causes can be seen in the user’s electricity bill. It is real money that they have to pay, since the miner works for long periods. Additionally, damage can be felt on a user’s device as miners often require high CPU usage, causing the computer to drastically slow down, ”the report adds.

Fake spiderman streaming stealing money

Kaspersky found this fake Spider-Man No Way Home stream allegedly offering a stream or download for the new Spiderman movie. The Spiderman sequence silently steals your bank details.

Free streaming is generally available on certain websites that promise free streaming. Despite the website claiming that it is completely free, it still asks for bank details in order to “verify” a user’s account. The website claims that it can allow visitors to download the latest movies and stream new movies in HD quality.


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