What If…? season 2 finale might have leaked with a crazy Endgame twist

Last summer, What if…? It ran for nine episodes, offering fans alternate Avengers stories from the multiverse. That was the purpose of the animated series, to provide fans with additional variants of their favorite characters. The show also featured some memorable characters that we might see in upcoming MCU movies and shows. The list includes Captain Carter (Hayley Atwell), Strange Supreme (Benedict Cumberbatch), The Watcher (Jeffrey Wright), and Zombie Avengers. At the end of season 1, the story joined in a multiversal brawl that connected all the seemingly disparate stories. Marvel has since confirmed What if…? will return for season 2.

While it’s too early to speculate what season 2 will offer, especially considering how season one ended, we have a huge leak to look at. The story of the ninth episode of the second season has apparently been leaked. It offers an exciting What If …? scenario that would allow us to revisit some key events of the Infinity war Y Final films. It’s also a very crazy twist on those events that will tear the fabric of the MCU apart. What I’m trying to say is that Big spoilers follow below yes he is crazy What if…? the leak is accurate.

The Infinity war Y Final

The last two installments of the Avengers franchise delivered an amazing story that concluded the Infinity war saga. The Avengers came face to face with their worst nightmare and finally managed to defeat Thanos (Josh Brolin). But not after having suffered a lot of damage. That includes actual deaths of heroes and the five years of suffering that followed the events in Infinity war.

The Phase 4 stories so far go back to these movies to some extent. After all, the blip and the battle between Avengers and Thanos are the most important events in recent Earth history. And each new MCU story provides additional context about the Infinity warFinal events.

Also, both movies contain some scenes that are worth exploring in future movies or TV shows. For example, him Infinity war The scene where Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is looking for possible outcomes could deserve a full movie. Who knows how long the sorcerer spent there and what he had learned. Similarly, there is a Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) story to tell that details his final mission.

What if…? It is certainly the place where we were able to see alternate events of those stories. And if this season 2 leak is accurate, we could see Marvel tackle that scene from Strange in an exciting yet controversial way.

Avengers: Infinity War - Thanos
Screenshot of Avengers: Infinity War: Thanos using the Infinity Gauntlet. Image source: Marvel Studios

The What if…? season 2 final leak

The mods of the Marvel Studios spoilers subreddit posted a leak offering the description of the plot of What if…? season 2 episode 9. The first season had nine episodes, so we expect that to be the case for season 2.

Episode 9 is apparently titled Full of life or Teaming up with life. The episode will use the scene from Strange where it looks at possible futures, but the action occurs from Ebony Maw’s point of view.

Specifically, the What if…? The season 2 episode will start from the moment Thanos captures Nebula 2023 (Karen Gillan) and her Time Heist bracelet. Ebony Maw should design a device that allows them to move into the future at the Final events. But this Ebony Maw creates a device that allows you to contemplate the possible future.

Maw then witnesses that fundamental Final scene where Strange tells Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) that he can’t tell him what happens next, or it won’t happen. So, Maw sees the Avengers win, and Thanos and everyone else dies, including himself.

He returns to Thanos, informing him of how they might lose, and the Mad Titan instructs his chief lieutenant to investigate the situation.

What if…? The end of season 2 will take us to Infinity war, with Ebony Maw inspecting the events that preceded Final. That’s where he discovers that Strange could look at possible futures for himself.

Upon discovering this, Thanos orders Maw to search for more of Strange’s past. This is how Maw discovers that Strange learned from a book how to observe the future while playing with the Time Stone. Strange also learned that telling someone about the future ensures that the future will not happen.

A Doctor Strange variant of What If ...?
Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) in Marvel’s What if…?. Image source: Marvel Studios

The great controversy

This is where this What if…? The season 2 final leak gets very strange, and not in a good way. Apparently, Maw decides to go back in time to erase the book Strange read, so he can’t learn about that particular rule. But this is precisely the kind of time travel action that isn’t possible in the MCU. You cannot change the past to alter the future.

If this leak is accurate, Marvel would contradict the travel rules in the time it set. Final. The only way this works is by having Maw create an alternate timeline the moment he deletes the book. Without the TVA to block Maw, a different reality would unfold.

The leak says that What if…? The season 2 episode will conclude with the Final battle and the events that follow. But in the final moments that he is supposed to lose, Thanos creates a barrier around him.

This is where Ebony Maw freaks out after learning what Thanos is about to do and warns Strange telepathically. Maw tells the wizard what he did to get here and asks Strange to find a different solution to stop the Mad Titan.

Strange manages to break through Thanos’ barrier at the cost of his own life. But Strange asks Maw before that to project him onto the Abstract Entities. Maw also enters the barrier.

What if...?  Avengers team
The Watcher informing the new Avengers team in What if…? final. Image source: Marvel Studios

How What if…? season 2 could end

When Thanos snaps his fingers, the Infinity Stones lack powers. Rather than destroy Earth and the Avengers, Thanos arrives at the Realm of Abstract Entities to stand trial.

That’s where Uatu the Watcher will defend Thanos, seeing in him some hope of helping the multiverse. Uatu wants Thanos to join the Guardians of the Multiverse, a group we met in What if…? season 1.

The Living Tribunal wants to get Thanos out of all realities, and they are angry at The Watcher for breaking his oath.

At the end, The One-Above-All will appear, proposing a solution. Thanos will join the Guardians at a cost. He will live in the new universe that he tried to create with an entity known as Death instead of the entity known as Life that Thanos wanted.

Yes this What if…? The episode 2 leak is accurate, neither Uatu nor the Living Court will remember this conversation, as Thanos will exist in a new reality.

That is how What if…? season 2 ends? We have no way of knowing. While this plot is interesting, it could break the time travel rules set out in Final. But if it’s real then What if…? Season 2 could bring Thanos back, even if we get a different version of the Mad Titan.

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