Where can I download the official list in PDF of the Christmas Lottery draw?

At 8:30 am, the table that is presided over and authorized at the start of the draw is set up. They are then mechanically transported in the hopper, from where they were deposited, to the drum, the number balls and the prize balls. Finally, the drums close and, on a signal from the president, turn simultaneously to mix the fortune well.

The PDF list of the raffle prizes

With this ritual, the 2021 Christmas Lottery Special Draw will begin this morning and conclude around noon, when there are no balls left in the prize pool. To find out if your tenth has been awarded, the safest option is through the listings.

Compiled by a team of more than forty people, the list of the raffle prizes and the winning populations is made through a computerized process controlled in all its extremes. In this way, after completing the draw, and once verified, se sends the number and the awards file to the National Mint and Stamp Factory, in charge of printing the official list. A list that is distributed that same afternoon to the points of sale of the Lottery Commercial Network and to the media.

At 7 am on Wednesday, December 22, the list of the raffle prizes has not yet been made. But we will include it in this article as soon as it comes out, and we leave you the links to also download it from two websites, AS and El País:

If after consulting it you still have doubts, the tables of the winning numbers are displayed for seven days at the physical headquarters of the Lotteries, in case you want to go to where you bought the tenth to check it with your participation.


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