Why Pirated Movie Download’s A Bad Idea

The long-awaited fourth installment in the Matrix series, The Matrix Resurrections, which recently premiered in theaters and on the HBO Max online streaming platform, was leaked on torrent websites.

Matrix Resurrections Torrent
Warner Bros

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Sites now have access to movie in a variety of file sizes, quality, and file types, up to 4K resolution. However, most of them seem to be taken from the HBO Max streaming site itself.

The leaks first arose with poor-quality CAM prints that were shot inside a projection theater that looked terrible, based on screenshots on the site. But don’t think for once that downloading this movie for free will come at no cost.

Why is it extremely unsafe to download torrents?

Cyber ​​attackers know how desperately people want to see the fourth installment in the most critically acclaimed sci-fi franchise and this is how they catch their victims.

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Most torrent files often come with infected files that can cause catastrophic damage to your system hardware and software. Malware can infect your computer and allow the hacker full access, and you could lose far more than you would spend on a movie ticket or Blu-Ray disc.

Matrix resurrections
Warner Bros

Pirated movie downloads are illegal

In case you forgot, downloading torrent files infringes on the copyrights of movie creators. Piracy is illegal in India and ISPs have already banned various torrent sites to prevent it.

Even if you manage to download the file, you should know that what you are doing is a shoplifting, and the police can put you behind bars for such acts of piracy.

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Yes, it is true that with Omicron cases skyrocketing, one would think twice before walking into a movie theater. But if you are an advent movie buff, you would rather wait for the genuine Blu-Ray disc to drop for the movie to hit one of the streaming sites rather than watch it illegally.

One has to remember that the people behind the movie deserve to make money and if we keep downloading material illegally we may not see another Matrix as making one will not be as financially viable for movie makers.

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