Wild Rift Taliyah Leaked: Potential New Champion

In a recent data mine, a player discovered evidence of a possible Wild Rift Taliyah release. The specific data mine showed data from Yuumi and Aatrox, with Ornn in the photo and Taliyah as the profile photo. Since they are all relatively simple champions mechanically, their additions to Wild Rift are a very real possibility. Since January often marks big changes for Riot Games products, this launch is unprecedented. In fact, the Riot broadcast on Friday is sure to confirm these champions. Although it is difficult to predict the accuracy, wait for confirmation at the less one of the four champions.

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Taliyah Overview

The new possible champion, Taliyah the Stoneweaver, uses the terrain to function. Running alongside walls grants him movement speed. To synergize with this, Taliyah creates a massive wall with her ultimate. On the smaller Wild Rift map, the addition of Taliyah could spell trouble for the side lanes. Its roaming potential should not be taken lightly, especially with its ultimate. Think of the broken days of Aurelion Sol, where the pick ruled the homeless. Taliyah can get very realistic in that regard.

Additionally, the selection excels at dealing explosive damage. Climbing strongly with AP, the champion sees play both in the center lane and in the jungle. Considering the weather of the Wild Rift meta, Taliyah will likely see the game in both on the mobile port as well. After all, fast travel and heavy damage are very characteristic of jungles in the current state of the game. Although Taliyah’s viability is highly dependent on stats at launch, her overall playstyle will likely blow up the smaller map, allowing the game to break down.

In conclusion

The release of these champions, including Wild Rift Taliyah, is highly likely, but not guaranteed. So, take the information provided here with a grain of salt. Nothing has been officially revealed and data miners discovered the content provided. This correlates with strong evidence from the releases, but until the Riot Game broadcast on Friday this week, nothing is guaranteed. Wild Rift Taliyah along with the rest of the teased champions would definitely be great additions to Wild Rift, evolving the state of the game forward.

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