Women’s forged photos leaked online: Police arrest 21-year-old tech genius

Digital desktop: A student from India’s ‘tech city’ Bengaluru was arrested by Mumbai police on Monday for allegedly using his Twitter account to circulate ‘degrading’ photos of Muslim women.

Vishal Kumar, a 21-year-old engineering student, was arrested by Mumbai police on Tuesday for circulating pictures of “objective” Muslim women on the Internet.

The computer science student appears before a court of first instance today, January 4, where the police will seek custody of the detained student.

A woman from Uttarakhand has also been arrested in connection with the case.

The Mumbai police IT cell had tracked down the IP address of Twitter accounts that were used to upload transformed photos of Muslim women consisting of lawyers, authors and many well-known female personalities, police said.

The police department is also investigating the matter to find out if the student is the sole developer of the app or is part of a larger scam.

Under various sections of the IPC and TI Law, the Bengaluru-based TI student was arrested following a complaint filed by one of the victims on January 1.

The operator of the controversial app is found to be a foreign-based company, i.e ‘GitHub’.

More than 100 photos of Muslim women circulating online were removed by the host company, ‘GitHub’ on Saturday after an FIR was filed against the company.

What is the ‘Bulli Bai’ app?

On the first day of the year 2022, many prominent female journalists, activists, and lawyer photographs were transformed and uploaded to the ‘disgusting’ app.

Several other Muslim women found themselves at an ‘auction’ on this controversial app.

The Bulli Bai app is reportedly created to smear many female speakers, social workers and well-known personalities in the country.

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