Xiaomi 12 leaked photos hint at big design change for Xiaomi flagship phones

Xiaomi Mi 12 will mark its global debut next week and more information about the phone is emerging in preparation for this launch. A new round of renders is the latest source of information on what we can expect from the new Xiaomi phone once it is available.

Render of Xiaomi 12 (Image: Twitter / EVLeaks)


  • A prominent insider has shared the new Xiaomi 12 renders.
  • The renders show the device in three different colors.
  • The phone can also be seen sporting new material on its rear panel.

Xiaomi will launch Xiaomi 12 phones as part of its next flagship smartphone series on December 28. Although the company has yet to provide too many clues on what to expect, various rumors and versions of the devices have been floating around the internet for a long time. . A new one now suggests a major design change for Xiaomi 12 phones.

The hint has been dropped by well-known tipster EV Leaks through a new round of Xiaomi 12 renders. As you can see from the images, the next Xiaomi smartphone will come with a 6.28-inch screen with a punch-hole selfie camera. in centering. On the back, you can also see the much-rumored triple-lens camera module.

However, what is more intriguing is the material used for the rear panel of Xiaomi 12. The renders show a completely new material on the phone, which is strikingly different from the glass or ceramic back that we have seen in previous versions. of the series. .

The new material has a matte finish with a texture similar to the fabric that is visibly superior to other alternatives, since it seems more comfortable to hold from what we see in the images. More importantly, the finish on the rear panel will ensure that Xiaomi 12 is not subject to fingerprint smudges while in use. This will be a major improvement over glass panels that generally attract a lot of fingerprints.

Apart from this, we can have a hint of the color options that we can see in the new Xiaomi phone. Renders shared by EV Leaks show Xiaomi 12 in three different color options. These are metallic gray, mauve and sky blue.

The renders also confirm the presence of a 50 megapixel main lens in the Xiaomi 12 camera setup. This matches what has been speculated about the phone so far. Two more lenses can also be seen, probably an ultra-wide lens and a macro lens, vertically aligned with the main sensor. There is also an LED flash located right next to these.

While none of this has been officially confirmed, we can expect the Xiaomi 12 to look exactly like this at launch, as with the Xiaomi 12 Pro. Other than this, we know that both devices will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset. from Qualcomm. While the vanilla model is likely to feature 67W fast charging support, the Pro variant may come with 120W fast charging.

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