Xiaomi’s MIUI 13 Wallpapers Are Now Available To Download

As most of you already know, Xiaomi announced yesterday its flagship smartphones, the Xiaomi 12 and 12 Pro. Those two phones were announced in China, along with MIUI 13. Xiaomi did not share much information about MIUI 13, and the global build will differ. pretty from china. What was shared as a result is the MIUI 13 wallpapers as they appeared online.

Xiaomi MIUI 13 wallpapers are available for download

If you want to download MIUI 13 wallpapers right away, the download link is included below the article. However, you can take a look at some wallpapers in the gallery (some samples), just to see if you like them.

Please note that those wallpapers in the gallery have been compressed. To get its full size, you will need to access the download link mentioned above.

43 wallpapers included here

Now, there are quite a few wallpapers included in this pack – 43 to be exact. Here you will find a combination of abstract and landscape photography wallpapers, which is something we are used to when it comes to Xiaomi.

Most likely, the global version of MIUI 13 will come with the same wallpapers, that is not something that Xiaomi generally changes. These wallpapers are divided into five categories: Molten Glass, Crystallization, Concert, Natural Texture, and Black Gobi.

The vast majority of these wallpapers, for whatever reason, come in 2400 x 1230 resolution, although that’s not a general rule of thumb, wallpapers with different resolutions are included here as well.

MIUI 13 Global Launch Begins Q1 2022

Now, MIUI 13 is also coming to the global market soon. Xiaomi announced that the global rollout will start in the first quarter of 2022. The company also announced which devices will get it in the first batch.

MIUI 13 will also come pre-installed on the Xiaomi 12 series that is released for global markets. Xiaomi 12, 12X and 12 Ultra are expected to launch globally in the first quarter of 2022.

MIUI 13 will bring some visual changes to the table and some new features. However, we don’t know much about the changes for the global build as we are not sure that the features that Xiaomi talked about during launch will make it to the global build. MIUI 13 will offer notable performance improvements, and that applies to both its own and third-party applications.

Download MIUI 13 wallpapers

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